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PhD Dissertation Factsheet

Academic Breakthroughs showcases research innovations in construction engineering and management by synthesizing relevant information from PhD dissertations and displays them in the form of factsheets.


GLF-CEM Now Supports the Academic Breakthroughs!

We are very pleased to inform you that GLF-CEM has endorsed the Academic Breakthrough as an initiative they would like to support for their membership at the GLF-CEM 2015 forum held in Weimar, Germany, June 5-8, 2015. The Global Leadership Forum for Construction Engineering and Management Programs (GLF-CEM) is a body of academic leaders in the area of Construction Engineering and Management, which is composed of full professors and administrators from leading universities around the world. We look forward to collaborating with GLF-CEM on serving the global CEM academia.


We Will Meet You in Atlanta

Once again we will have a chance to meet with you in CRC conference (May 19-21, 2014). We are very excited to announce that since our last year presence in Montreal, more than 700 people visited the website. This year we are participating in CRC and one of our PhD candidates, Mr. Arash Mahdavi, would answer your questions and help you get familiar with the website features and how to submit a new factsheet or search through the available factsheets. We are hoping for this initiative to serve the community and help highlight the research advancements in CEM. We also hope that this website would serve as a hub to assist CEM professionals and recent PhDs to mutually identify employment opportunities.